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Organic Chicken Coop Bedding

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    Chicken Coop bedding made by Oley Hemp is dust-free and easy on your chickens’ delicate respiratory systems. This all-natural bedding for chickens is 100% US-grown hemp bedding is super absorbent and provides a soft, comfortable environment to increase your flock's nesting.  Biodegradable and chemical-free, Oley Hemp Chicken bedding is packed with anti-microbial properties to keep your chickens strutting their stuff.

    Compostable and easy to clean, Oley Hemp Chicken bedding stays dry longer than straw or wood shavings. Five times more absorbent than other bedding options and packed with natural insect repellent, Oley Hemp Chicken Coop bedding is the best all-natural chicken bedding for happy, healthy chickens made from USDA Organic hemp. 

    Additional Description

    • Higher salvage rate, since it is an industrial absorbent (absorbs 5x its weight), saving time and money
    • High thermal rating, keeping chickens warmer while they sleep
    • Perfect for use with Rabbits, Cats, Hamsters, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Chicks, Horses
    • 1 bag lasts up to 6 months
    • Made from USDA Organic hemp
    • Shipping dimensions are 20x14x16, 11 lbs.
    Organic Chicken Coop Bedding - Oley Hemp